wins where you can get ’em

Work’s been busy and I’ve been preoccupied with other things, so instead of my rigid “one week on an Android phone, one week an iPhone, one week a Windows phone” routine, I just used the Galaxy Note II for a few weeks. I’m getting comfortable with Android.

Anyway, as noted here a while ago, the app that broke when I moved my Windows phone from 8/8.1 to 10 was one I hated to lose – TuneIn Radio. Even though I stick with Windows phones partly because the FM tuner is activated, which allows me to receive “real” radio, sometimes I want to stream a station.

I use TuneIn on my laptops, desktops, tablets and most of all my phones because it’s the best streamer I’ve found when it comes to depth and breadth of radio station listings, and also in keeping the streams working. It’s not perfect – especially the current interface, which attempts to be “social” but which I find confusing – but is better than anything else.

And it runs on everything, which is a big deal for me. Most developers can’t be bothered with Windows phones, so I’m loyal to the ones who do, like the makers of the excellent Pocket Casts and, of course, TuneIn. I was greatly disappointed when TuneIn wouldn’t work natively on Windows 10 Mobile. None of the mooted substitutes in the Windows store were anywhere close to adequate.

So I was delighted tonight when I got out my WinPhone after a few weeks of not touching it, updated the OS, updated the programs, and happened to check the store. Sure enough, TuneIn has now built a version for Windows 10. It downloaded and installed/opened fine. I’ll test it with a walk this weekend, and maybe a long, satisfying listen to KCRW or WFMT. Thank you, TuneIn – with WinPhones, little victories mean a lot.


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