CBS is up with a contrarian piece tonight openly questioning the “North Korea did the Sony hacks” meme. The report suggests a former Sony employee may be responsible for some, or all, of what happened. The story is also noteworthy for suggesting that even if NK is involved, its role may be complicated. Belated but good work.

(Credit where credit’s due: MSNBC had an interview with the same guy CBS talked to, yesterday. See it here.)

CNN, meanwhile, is still all in with North Korea; the 7 pm show posited today as “Sony defies North Korea by deciding to release movie.” Tom Forman’s explainer story (part of a longer segment) carefully didn’t name North Korea as the source, but his story was surrounded on all sides by the anchor and a panel of talking heads, talking about nothing but NK.

CNN also significantly errs – on the side of hype – by describing the hack as very sophisticated, when we already have a record that this was pretty much off-the-shelf stuff which got a huge leg up because the hackers had an admin’s credentials. It would be good to see a worldwide news organization like CNN grow just a little computer expertise.


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