tech notes

I’m ready for Windows 8.1. I haven’t been a Windows fan for a long time, but perversely enough like and use Win 8, though it obviously has issues.

Paul Thurott has a big round-up of his 8.1 coverage. If you read it and follow the various links, you’ll be up to speed. One important thing noted by Thurott; 8.1 apparently still struggles to scale correctly to different display sizes. Windows’ inability to elegantly handle different screens seamlessly is one of those subtle things that makes the operating system seem clunkier than it is. Besides, I’m looking forward to a seven inch Win 8.1 tablet (any sign of one?) and I want it to look great.


Kirk McElhearn wonders if Apple is about to kill off the iPod Classic. He doesn’t use his much these days, but isn’t quite ready to give it up either. I understand: I have two Classics and they go months between uses, but I keep them charged up and ready, just in case I need a hundred plus gigs of music on short notice for my four minute commute to work.


The Digital Reader’s Nate Hoffelder reports that reader app Aldiko has hit the 15 million download mark. Aldiko is a welcome reminder that there is more to digital reading than the Kindle, Nook or Kobo, and is worth supporting.


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