Leave it to the folks at Rogue Amoeba, the fine, mostly Mac software company to find a need you didn’t even know you had – and fill it.

RA makes audio software; none of it is expensive, and all of it is worth owning. (I know: I license and use all of RA’s stuff except for their internet radio station software.)

The latest addition: Intermission, a program that lets you manipulate streaming audio on your Mac.  It buffers Pandora or SiriusXM or TuneIn or any other streaming audio you have. You can then pause the audio, rewind it or fast forward through commercials and other stuff you want to skip , or in combination with RA’s recording program Audio Hijack Pro you can record what’s in the buffer. You can scroll back however far you want to go, (up to three hours) or use a “jump back” button to skip back 10 seconds. The controls are in the menu bar, and are obvious and simple.

I’m a huge consumer of online radio in all its forms, and this will be incredibly useful.  At $15, a no-brainer.


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