sullivan, again

A long and well argued post from Andrew Sullivan, just up at The Dish. Again, subscribe, if only for a month. I’m still feeling my way through the issue and don’t think I agree with him, but he is making the best arguments against intervening in Syria in the best way.

From the new piece:

This is not about Obama. It’s about America, and America’s pressing needs at home. It’s also about re-balancing the presidency away from imperialism. If a president proposes a war and gets a vote in Congress and loses, then we have truly made a first, proud step in reining in the too-powerful executive branch and its intelligence, surveillance and military complex.

In other words, much good can still come from this.


One thought on “sullivan, again

  1. I agree with Sullivan here, up until the end.

    There is no way to win here, no outcome that isn’t awful in its own way. The rebels on whose behalf we would undertake this lost cause are committing their own atrocities. The cure, in other words, may be as bad as the sickness.

    We should assure safe passage for all who want to leave Syria and take in a percentage of its refugees. We should enact sanctions, embargoes, and other methods of pressure — in concert with most of the rest of the world — to push the actors to solve their own problems.

    What we should not do, under any circumstances, is set one foot (or one missile) on Syrian soil.

    Sullivan goes off the rails at the end when he says democracy is coming to America. Democracy has never been further away from us than it is now, and if Congress rejects involvement in Syria, Obama will find another way to do the same thing. The suggestion that democracy (Congress = democracy? Really?) is somehow functioning in this country is hopelessly naive and threatens to undermine his other points. That his argument up until that point is so persuasive and reasonable is its saving grace.

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