early july reading

Just finished:

Redshirts – John Scalzi. I’m a regular reader of Scalzi’s blog, Whatever, and I expected this to be in the decent to good range. The book bothered some people, who ended up thinking of Redshirts as a one-liner that went on for too long. Ignore them. This is a meditation on story telling and how we live our lives. It’s kind of funny, but more to the point, wise and sad and hopeful.

Late Life Jazz – Ken Crossland & Malcolm Macfarlane. Biography of Rosemary Clooney, with an emphasis on how she acquired a second career as a quasi-jazz singer. I would have liked much more on the individual albums she recorded for Concord; that said, worth reading.

Reading now:

The Big Switch – Nicholas Carr. Carr is a favorite blogger/author.

(This is a very partial list. I generally have a handful of books going at the same time, though not all of them will get finished in a timely fashion or, perhaps, at all.)


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