making a bad thing worse

Surprisingly, another original take on the NSA/Snowden mess. This time it’s from reporter turned novelist Alex Berenson, who makes the following point about our former contractor on the run:

Mr. Snowden has put himself in a terrible spot. Moscow will surely protect him for as long as it feels like irritating Washington. But by the time the Russians are finished sifting through his laptops, he’ll be their spy, whether or not he meant to be. Beijing may have already pulled the same trick; some intelligence officers believe that Chinese spy agencies copied Mr. Snowden’s hard drives during his Hong Kong stay.

We have treated a whistle-blower like a traitor — and thus made him a traitor. Great job.

Berenson goes on to point out that our government could have been a whole lot less heavy handed and angry and maybe, just maybe, gotten Snowden back on American soil. The price would have been an appearance in front of Congress and significant embarrassment, but what the U.S. government got with its current strategy is a crisis that has gone from bad to worse to pear shaped. Tell me how that’s better.


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