hacked off

National Public Radio’s version of the “China is hacking everyone” story is headlined “Who’s Been Hacked By China? Better Question Might Be: Who Hasn’t?”

The story is a compilation of other stories this week, about how industriously the Chinese government has (allegedly, they deny it) been hacking “law firms, think tanks, news organizations, human rights groups, contractors, congressional offices, embassies and federal agencies.”

(The excerpt is originally from a Washington Post story.)

So here’s the question: is your worth as, say, a defense contractor diminished if you can’t say with a straight face that you’ve been hacked, or that you’ve fought off the hackers with your own army of white hats or something? Does not being hacked signify that you’re not doing anything important? Move along folks; nothing worth stealing here. Will companies try to enhance their reputation by staging hackings, maybe hiring Chinese contractors so that the IP addresses are, after layers of dissembling get peeled away, suitably authentic?

Meanwhile, a wonderful CNN video of the Chinese police as Keystone cops, trying to keep reporters away from the place-where-no-one-is-hacking.


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