Our shiny new toys eventually come to this, which is a collection of photographs of abandoned Apple products, mostly Macs. Unsurprisingly, there’s a picture from Detroit in the mix. Also unsurprisingly, a number of the pictures are from abandoned schools. It’s hard not to think dark thoughts about the tide of civilization cresting and heading back out to sea, though a more sober read might be that there is so much tech, and it dates so quickly, you’re going to get pallets of old computers now and then.

Anyway, it’s a problem that should get smaller, as our machines do. By 2016, what would have been a stack of iMacs is going to be a more manageable box of iPads. That said, it’s hard to shake the sense of loss that pervades these pictures. You want to imagine a classroom where a charmingly archaic Apple II is still getting good use and abuse by second graders, though the image runs aground as soon as you remember that even your phone is many times more powerful and sophisticated, and that most kids would be lost and then bored by an old machine.

(Apple II – Arne’s Royal Hawiian Motel – by Jared Eberhardt/licensed under Creative Commons/ some rights reserved)



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