a glance

I see people, maybe for just a second, and I imagine what their lives are like. Here, I write down one such imagining – blink and you’ll miss it.

It costs a lot to rent an apartment in my little town – we have a military base near-by and there isn’t enough housing. State Street, one of our main streets, is the end point for a bunch of streets where the living is (relatively) affordable and when I’m visiting my barbershop, I see people without much money walking State Street.

Often, that’s a girl pushing a stroller. A lot of very young mothers go up and down State Street – they look like they belong in high school, like they have not yet been touched, but there’s the stroller and the attitude. In pairs they laugh. By themselves, their jaws are set and they are determined to make a go of it, with not a big idea of what it is or could be.

So the girl in question was different in that there was no carriage, no baby bump, and a walk that said I’m young and I’m pretty after a fashion but not I need to be anything other than a girl for right now. There’s time.

She was wearing jeans and a checked shirt and her hair was brown and what mothers and daughters would both call hard to do anything with. And here’s the thing: it was just a street for her, she looked like she could take a left or a right or just keep going straight and end up someplace else, stroller not required.


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