radio days 3

This is the way the world ends
with a Tom Waits song
Things may be better in Chicago.

Sorry Tom, no.
You never got that far.
Here’s what happened.

Iran was gonna get a nuke.
So Israel struck first.
Pakistan let loose.
And Russia had to join.
Crap. There was enough poison to kill us all
three times over.

But it took a while.
Chicago looked pretty good
for about 18 months.
Then it just fell off the bone.

Don’t take it personally,
The radio only happened to be
playing your song
Coulda been the Bee Gees, Beatles, Bangles, beat poets over on npr

Terry Gross, half way to a question, dead
Ira Glass, half way to a plot twist, dead
Garrison Keillor, introducing a string band, dead
The puzzle master, permanently retired, and now we’ll never know
a four letter word for expired.


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