why don’t we see this in the ‘mainstream media’?

My outrage-o meter is moving to the red, rapidly. I hear a dog whistle and it hurts my ears.

A la Shirley Sherrod, the mosque controversy is a radical right product. Unlike Sherrod, this at least has a little truth – there is a plan to build a mosque/community center two blocks from ground zero. Just like Sherrod, this one was produced by a freelance ideologue and amplified by Fox News. Salon.com has the story here, which raises the question – if an online magazine that has struggled to stay alive can document what happened, why can’t the big guys?

I suppose it’s because it’s ‘inside baseball,’ but if that’s the case, why so much attention to the political consequences, as opposed to the more fundamental question of right versus wrong?

And if the reason for not reporting is because they don’t want to be seen as ‘advocates,’ the correct answer is – you are. You’re advocates for the facts.

You don’t have to take a position (and shouldn’t)  on whether or not the mosque should be built. You do need to show the public how we got here.


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