we are not amused (listening, day 3 – part 1)

The Tallest Man On Earth’s Wild Hunt was up this afternoon, presented under the best possible circumstances – as background music.

Hear it that way and you can’t help but be charmed. Yep, he sounds like the Bob Dylan of the early 60s, though his own variations on Dylan’s singing style quickly come through. And yes, there’s a ringing quality to the music, like you’re hearing a young man take his first steps to something great.

Unfortunately, when you bear down it falls apart. The lyrics are a mess. Worse, they’re not an engaging mess, for the most part. You can’t even  do “sumthin…sumthin..sumthin…BIG CHORUS” singalongs in the way that, say, you could with “Like A Rolling Stone.” This is swing and a miss musically, and maybe he should pull back and focus, so his listeners can.

Also played: Charlie Parker In Sweden 1950: The Complete Recordings. The liner notes report Parker’s playing “had an airy, joyful quality that was never to be repeated in the remainder of his life.” Agreed.


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