old guy, old tech

With all the tweeting and iPhoning and Androiding going on, and everything available on YouTube or torrents ot Hulu or something, it’s distinctly unfashionable to bring up the ancient technologies of dvr and its mutant cousin, the media center.

So speaking as an old guy who still deeply loves his Tivos and Windows Media Centers and Mythbuntus, I say thank you to Engadget, which is out with a thoughtful side by side comparison of the Tivo Premiere and Windows 7 Media Center.

Read it here.

Even though I have high def screens in my office, I have been very, very slow to ditch my old standard def tv at home. I’m irrationally attached to its component input and two composite inputs, which at under 30 inches look ok.

So even though I have a Premiere, it’s still feeding standard def and still uses the old menus, which is fine by me. They’re really, really fast and I don’t care so much about the new look. I’m sure I will once I finally drag a high def set home.

As for WMC, (Windows Media Center), I have used the 2004, 2005 and Vista versions. Setting the inherent problems of Windows aside, I have long maintained that Windows Media Center is the best software ever to come from Microsoft, and tragically underrated. It seems like a bit of an orphan now, which is too bad.

The idea of recording television is real old guy stuff; as far back as 2008 you could buy computer magazines that recommended building a media center without a tuner and using the internet for everything. This is one of the little fault lines in the digital media world – cranks like me keeping their circa 2005 tech going and complaining about how the good old days are gone.


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