radio days

A few links to radio-related items.

PopMatters has an essay about the decline of a.m. radio. What interests me is the tail end, in which the writer suggests a.m. could become home to the music you can’t hear on f.m., which is to say most anything of interest outside of a few specialty programs on public radio.

I sent the link to a favorite blog (Radio Lovers Can’t Be Cured) and got back a delightful bonus. Someone wrote in with details of a really good a.m. radio station in Atlanta, WMLB.

I have wondered for a long time why the public radio formula couldn’t be tweaked and adopted by commercial broadcasters, supported by a well-heeled audience, if not a big one. It looks like these folks are trying something like that.

Here’s the web site, which leads to the internet stream:

I really can’t tell how good the a.m. signal is from the stream, but I’m pretty sure it’s no better than broadcast because I can hear that classic a.m. hum in the background. I listened to the station off and on all day today and thoroughly enjoyed it, even in lo-fi.

When I wasn’t listening to WMLB, I was listening to a classic hour of ‘Fresh Air,’ with voice actor Billy West. West is the voice of many cartoon characters, and both worked in and was influenced by radio. The interview points to the heart of radio – the human voice and how you work it.

Finally, links to two radio blogs. The aforementioned ‘Radio Lovers Can’t Be Cured’ aside, there isn’t a lot of good writing about radio from a listener’s point of view. These related blogs come close.


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