fox, meet vox

Neil Cavuto on the Fox mothership Monday, mulling over some story about President Obama’s BP oil spill commission, had the following caption on the bottom of the screen:

“President’s commission relies heavily on environmentalists.”

With the volume turned down, the line has a fine only-on-Fox weirdness to it.

Play the logical opposites game with me:

“President’s commission is light on environmentalists.”

“President’s commission relies heavily on oil industry.”

I think most people would, ummmm, freak out at the idea of an oil spill panel that didn’t have environmentalists, and a good number of them, on it.

Of course, I’m sure Fox didn’t mean ‘environmentalists.’ It meant environmentalists, loosely defined as those-people-who-want-to-bring-America-down-with-a-radical-agenda-of-stopping-things.

That’s Fox’s problem when stuff like BP happens; it’s hard to be both populist “we’re with the little guy” and stay true to your “government is bad, business is good” worldview.

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck is talking about something that “will make blood shoot out of your eyes.” If only.


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