notes for a sci-fi story

A co-worker and I were talking about music and we noted, with only a touch of ‘what is this world coming to?’ the way external, portable hard drives are growing in capacity.

Which got me to thinking – what if some new technology, some mumble, mumble quantum something comes along (throwing quantum in gives a sci-fi idea that near future veracity you want) in which storage is effectively infinite?

Maybe it’s just the way the math works; maybe all your stuff is piling up in a neighboring universe and the inhabitants there are pissed (working title: ‘Taking Out The Trash’); maybe the stuff ceases to exist and is only reconstituted by the act of retrieving it; maybe companies try to impose limits on the ‘size’ of your drive depending on what you pay and there’s a whole hacker underground devoted to breaking those locks.

What if the inhabitants of the next universe over aren’t pissed; they’re intrigued and start shipping back improved versions of what we’re storing?

Or what if somebody decides to copy big parts of the physical world into the alternate universe for safe-keeping, but somehow the meta-data gets lost and everything comes back mixed up?

Or maybe we try to copy the entire universe into the next one over and get a ‘drive full’ error.

What then?

What if?


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