notes from the new world

I have been out of touch with William Gibson for the last few months, which is to say I stopped at some point obsessively dropping by his blog to see what new is posted.

(Note: I think it’s obvious, but I don’t mean to imply from the above that I actually know or have some sort of relationship with the man. I am purely and simply a fanboy.)

I stopped mostly because he stopped as he worked his way through a novel, blogging and novel writing being incompatible activities for him. Also, I was disappointed by Spook Country, a book that I have only read once and can’t bring myself to read again. It seems both overcooked and underdone, which pains me to write, given that the two novels which preceeded it – Pattern Recognition and All Tomorrow’s Parties –  are my two favorite Gibsons.

With luck, Spook Country will be another Mona Lisa Overdrive, MLO being a great disappointment to me after his first two books, but which I returned to a year or so back and was shocked by how much I enjoyed it and how good it was. Maybe I’ll grow into Spook Country.

Anyway, part of the fun of Gibson is the man himself – his random notes are a pleasure to read, and yes, he’s been blogging lately.

Here’s the generic link to the blog:, but do make sure you keep going backwards because there’s a very interesting Q & A session.

Also, as usual he throws off sparks. In the lead post (as of this writing) he talks about a world “richer, stranger, more multiplex…”

More multiplex? That’s one of those phrases which describes a state that is otherwise hard to nail, but which he captures perfectly, like “meshback” in ATP. Strictly speaking, the usages aren’t original to Gibson, but I but don’t really care much. He’s bringing it, which is what counts.

(‘Zero History,’ Gibson’s new book, is out September 7.)


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