For the second time in a month or so, I find favorable reference to termites, of all things.

Manny Farber, the film critic, wrote of ‘termite art,’ by which he meant (I think – his stuff can be tough going) art that is unarty, art that doesn’t make fancy statements about itself or call attention to itself, art that slips in when you’re expecting a detective movie or a monster movie or a cartoon.

He wrote a big, famous essay on the subject, which is reprinted in a new book called Farber On Film.

Closer to home, Dale Hobson, webmaster for one of the local public radio stations, (WSLU-Canton) delivers a choice line about building things on the internet: “Nobody builds in marble, because the wrecking crew is on the way as soon as you’re done. Forget Taj Mahal; think termite mound.”  Nicely said.


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