get more mileage

Audiophile/home theater blogger Steve Guttenberg posts on a subject near to my heart, cheap speakers.

He writes about Dayton B652s, a $25! ($37 with shipping) pair of speakers from the redoubtable Parts Express. His correspondent prefers them to his PSBs.

As I note in one of the responses to the post, you can take a $25 set of speakers, a $45 Dayton class ‘T’ clone and a Sony radio tuner, ($85 from Amazon) shipped, add cabling and maybe a better antenna and you have a modest stereo which, most importantly, sounds good. (Or, you just overpaid for a radio.)

The big insufficiency in my list is – no cd player, no preamp/switcher, no internet radio/music server, no turntable. I’m looking for sub-$100 components in each category that you can live with without wincing.


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