the narrative vs. the argument

You can’t get this from Fox, or MSNBC, and it’s hard to come by on CNN – pure reporting, expensive and maybe dangerous, catching just how damn complicated the world is.

60 Minutes tackles what it calls ‘the narrative’ – what radical Muslims tell themselves about America’s actions. It’s a belief that America is out to destroy Islam, and the piece demonstrates how far believers will go to twist events to fit their world view.

It’s also the story of one man and his running argument with the narrative. He’s a hero, a believer that words, that asking and answering questions, can stand against suicide bombs. Yet 60 Minutes also shows just how big the gap is between what he believes and what you can find in places like Pakistan.

Here’s a link to an excerpt from the story. I assume the whole thing will be put up at some point this week.

60 Minutes: The Narrative (excerpt)


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