noted: wbgo, two speaker revivals, mouse music

Add to my list of reasons why I love internet radio.

Yes, it’s very old news.

Yes, you already know this station.

No, I didn’t.

Also, the stream is decent – not hi-fi, but better than the usual. I may just throw ’em some money.


Two pieces worth reading, though one isn’t on line yet.

The new Stereophile has a fine essay by Art Dudley on restoring an old pair of Advents. And in the forums, one of the really smart posters has an interesting run at Cerwin Vega speakers.


If you have a taste for quirky recordings – exotica, other easy listening, sound effects, film scores – you want this book:  The Cartoon Music Book.

My rule of thumb is – the more pedestrian the genre, (game shows, reality tv, women’s magazines) the more likely it is to get over-larded academic treatment. This book is a nice exception for the most part, concentrating on history and interviews.


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