green (and red and clear vinyl) shoots

I didn’t get to my nearest record store – 60 miles away – in time to score a copy of the Record Store Day exclusive Springsteen single, the ‘A’ side being “Wrecking Ball,” a big favorite of mine and which is otherwise unavailable in uncompressed form.

That’s really ok. I got sampler cds from Rhino and Vanguard Records, a bumper sticker urging people to “Support Your Local Record Store” and the knowledge that on this front at least, things are getting better.

Last year, one guy was waiting for the store to open on Record Store Day. This year? The staff figured about a hundred people.

Even though things (in particular the vinyl) were picked over, there was still a red vinyl single, a green vinyl single, a clear vinyl single, a bunch of other music that wasn’t pressed on anything special but looked kind of cool and (for sale) three John Lennon singles packaged together with a 45 rpm adapter.

And the store was crowded with other than middle aged, beer gut guys. I saw young women buying records, and I don’t think they were for their boyfriends.


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