the vicar and the boss

Sometime in the last year, I heard Bruce Springsteen dj a show on his SiriusXM channel.

He played King Crimson – I don’t remember if it was ‘Court Of…’ or ’21st Century…’ but if you were tuning in E Street Radio (well, you don’t really tune) expecting the usual, it was a mighty shock to hear the Crims.

So, a point. Springsteen’s rock n’ jazz fusion – which stretched from “Spirit In The Night” through most of ‘The Wild, The Innocent And The E Street Shuffle’ and into ‘Born To Run’ before it finally ran out of steam – bears a striking resemblance to…King Crimson.

More specifically, “Islands,” (the tune, not the album) which is jazz on top (a cornet and piano) with a nudging, increasingly insistent rock rhythm underneath. It builds just like an early Springsteen jam would. Probably a coincidence, but a striking one.


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