the S3 blues (or grays…)

From a thread on the Tivo community forums, where I post occasionally. It’s a response to another user (KFC) who complains his Series 3 won’t reliably record analog signals – and that Tivo’s handling of the matter is abysmal.

I’m a loyal Tivo user, but the S3 analog problem has tested that loyalty.

Having nursed along a Tivo with the analog problem for a year now (while an S2 and an S1 chug merrily along, never freezing nor gray-screening) my sympathies are with KFC.

Somebody a couple of pages ago called this ‘core functionality.’ Exactly. Not to add yet another bad analogy to the thread, but when I buy a fridge, I expect it to just work, both in the main part and the freezer. It’s an appliance, not a general purpose computer with media stuff bolted on.

What we have with this subset of S3s is a fridge that’s always cold on top, but whose freezer periodically just doesn’t work, sending water sloshing across the kitchen floor and ruining that steak you saved.

Saying ‘why would anyone use analog’ is akin to saying, ‘why would anyone use a freezer when so many fresh options are available.’ Nice thought, but some of us need a freezer.

You can’t sell a type of machine with a known showstopper (even if you’re not sure that the particular box you’re selling has it) and then hem and haw about the statute of limitations. The first and most important sin is yours.

The ‘buy a Premiere’ answer is annoying because it moves Tivo out of the appliance category (it just…works) and into the computer category, (if Vista sucks, we’ll fix it in Win 7.)

Anyway, back to my original point: whatever KFC did wrong was mild and unimportant compared to what was broken out of the box. He’s right, Tivo is wrong and he should get something for his troubles.


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