between two worlds

I am mostly untroubled by questions about what is or isn’t radio – the lines are flexible, but clear.

Radio (as in fm, am and shortware) is ‘radio.’ So is SiriusXM. So is internet radio. Pandora and Slacker are cousins, but not quite radio.

All of which is to say I listen to a lot of radio, and a lot of that listening is done over the internet; my house is on the wrong side of a large hill, and I don’t have an outside antenna.

Not yet anyway, but I want one. I prize internet radio for all I can hear, but it is a poor second to f.m. in terms of sound. The classical music station 60 miles from my home sounds distant and flat over the net. Listening to the over the air signal is a different and much richer experience.

For the record, I have three standalone tuners (a NAD, a Magnum Dynalab and a Sony) as well as an integrated receiver and assorted radios, both net and more conventional.

I would love to hear M-D’s XM tuner. The company has supposedly found ways to make XM sound much better. I’m also rooting for higher bandwidth streaming from net only stations. But in the meantime, there are three public stations in earshot, and Canada’s not far away. More than enough reason to keep listening to an old-fashioned medium, done an old-fashioned way.


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